Welcome to Nitins.com, my new website celebrating the beauty of nature's aves.

Things in this world were first created simple. Then they got better and better and eventually beautiful.

Like wise, the gift of Vision has also evolved from simple to complex over the millenia.

Early man, who just like other animals used vision as a stimulus to cipher the nature around him, perhaps took the extra step of 'appreciating' the beauty of nature around him.

Appreciation perhaps led to the desire to store the memories of a beautiful vision. It probably began with the crude cave paintings found in cave sites all over the world.

Once again, evolution kicked in and the crude paintings of the cave men have gradually progressed into wall paintings, canvas art, b/w photography, colour photography, motion picture, IMAX, 3-D etc.

There is no limit to human imagination and we can only guess how we will further evolve technologies to keep intact our cherished memories.

I do hope that we never forget that the one thing more beautiful than our cherished memories is the source of the memory itself !
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